About ViewIn

ViewIn is a student organization specializing in creative marketing, founded at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University in Minnesota. ViewIn provides students with professional and leadership experiences through a various range of project-based activities.

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill”

- Wilbur Wright

We are Dreamers,

and Dream Achievers

We are never satisfied by only reading textbooks or talking about our goals. We strongly believe that actual practice is the best way to learn. In order to help our clients achieve their desired goals, we provide them with marketing consulting services, in return allowing us to gain experience and skills that will continue to benefit us for years to come. We strive to make our community a better place by implementing our strong ideas and efforts to the best of our abilities.

Our marketing consulting services are strongly supported by


ViewIn provides comprehensive services. Through analysis, we could help you to establish marketing strategy based on evaluation, segmenting, positioning and branding.


ViewIn is a creatively driven team of students. We can effectively communicate your ideas though various methods including web, video, graphic, social media, and events.

Data Analysis

How can I effectively market my company and our projects to our target markets? How can I use Search Engine Optimization to my company’s advantage? ViewIn can help you find your desired results with help from the massive volumes of data we collect.


ViewIn has a group of highly motivated members with different levels of professional expertise. By using our excellent teamwork skills, we will be able to help you achieve your company’s goals.

We Are Challengers

We enjoy being self-challengers. Our journey is not only about discovering who we are and what we can do, but more about the endless possibilities–the possibility of ourselves, our community and our world. Whenever we may be faced with a new challenge, we will be determined to solve anything handed at us with a great deal of confidence. How? Because we are challengers.

We don’t wait for challenges come to us, we go out and seek them.

Training Session

Providing students with a wide range of opportunities to explore their interests and careers is part of our mission. Students will have the opportunity to learn useful media tools in order to develop various media content. Our training sessions are regularly organized by multiple instructors and business professionals with a high amount of expertise in related areas.

Promotional Video Contest

(Contest now ended)

Win a GoPro camera & gift cards!

Promote CSB|SJU with a 60-90 second video. Groups or individuals can submit a video online that includes some of their favorite things about CSB|SJU

Online Store & Donation Site

Student clubs at CSB|SJU are not currently allowed to get payments or donations by credit card online. ViewIn is working on conversing the school to change the policy, and setting up a online store & donation site to help clubs fundraise.

Our History

November 2012

Started as a small group of students who called themselves “Pentatonic Media Studio“. Our major mission was making videos to record the college life at CSB|SJU.


July 2013

Renamed our group to “ViewIn” and redesigned our logo in order to explore a wider range of projects other than video making. Later in the year we registered the domain ViewIn.org and started launching our website.


March 2014

Applied to be an official club at CSB|SJU in efforts to receive more support and notice from the school.


April 2014

ViewIn was announced as an official club at CSB|SJU.



ViewIn encourages equality. We believe that a high degree of respect for equality for each other’s expertise will help us achieve a long lasting organization.




ViewIn encourages international and intercultural communication to improve understandings among people with different cultural backgrounds.


Technology is a very powerful tool that continues to evolve over time. ViewIn will continue to apply the newest technologies to all of our projects to help make our work the best we possibly can.


ViewIn never rejects new ideas or tools because we believe that innovation is the key of a brighter future.


We value challenging ourselves and making real differences in our community through various actions. We have high expectations for ourselves to always go one step further in bettering our actions.